No Rules.
No Adults.
No Way Out.

Welcome to the Darkwoods.

Deep in a mystical wood, four clans of boys live in treehouses, their story lost in time and their pasts buried with it. The forest is split by a crocodile-infested river, overgrown with giant trees and woven with dark secrets.

Leonardo is a member of Raven Clan, the boldest and fiercest of the four clans, led by his ruthless older brother Aleksander. When clan hostilities begin to build, Aleksander gives Leonardo his own patrol and sends him on the river to defend Raven Clan’s territory. Leonardo quickly learns that nothing is as it seems, and a series of inexplicable events—including a mysterious Native girl who shows up on the riverbank, calling Leonardo and his friends ‘Lost Boys’—leads him to question everything he’s ever known about the woods he calls home.

As the clan hostilities erupt into a fully-fledged war, Leonardo is forced to make a choice that will determine the very fate of Raven Clan and everyone he cares about.