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Riley Quinn is a canadian novelist. his workshops have RECEIVED priase in schools and teachers’ conventions across northern and central alberta.

writing Workshops

Hands-on sessions which focus on character development, world-building, vividness, and the craft of writing. I’ll walk the group through interactive exercises which I use in my own writing, and then help writers find ways to apply it to their own stories. I strongly believe in positive feedback and a healthy writing environment where authors can learn and grow from each other.

Ideal for an individual class, library session, or your local writing group.

Writer in residence

Multiple sessions and availability over an extended time period. I’ll work with writers in group sessions or individually, depending on the needs of your organization. This is the most dynamic style of workshop, where we can cover many elements of writing over multiple days. It’s also a great opportunity for writers to hone the new techniques taught, as we can circle-back and review the exercises from previous sessions.

Ideal for larger organizations; i.e. libraries & school L.A. departments. The duration of the residency is flexible to your needs. Longer residencies can last a month or more, while shorter intensives can finish within a week. The shortest I have instructed encompassed 21 sessions over 3 days.

One-on-one sessions

I have frequent availability for one-on-one coaching sessions. This can include writing exercises, editorial assessment, plotting assistance, or overall feedback and constructive advice. There are common traps that befall most new writers, but can be avoided with some navigational assistance. I’m here to lend my experience in any way a writer needs to help find their voice.

Ideal for new writers, young writers, or anyone seeking an outside eye to help hone their craft.

Fantastic! Riley was very knowledgeable and professional. His ideas can easily and effectively be introduced into the classroom.

ESTCA Attendee

Best session I have been to so far! Thank you very much.

Workshop Attendee

Fantastic presentation! Well spoken and knowledgeable presenter!

Workshop Attendee

Good information for young writers or any writers of fiction. I like the simplification of the process to achieve effective storytelling. I will watch this one again! Thank you.

Workshop Attendee

Awesome session. I love the ideas for how to organize the parts. Apparently the dialogue tags and adverb additions are not as important as I’ve been teaching. Loved all the simple examples that showed why not!

ESTCA Attendee

Excellent presentation and ideas. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Workshop Attendee

Loved the session! Thank you for the wonderful ideas!

Workshop Attendee

Fantastic presentation. I feel more equipped to story-write with my students and bring them through the process in a way that makes sense! Thanks.

ESTCA Attendee

This was awesome! Thank you. Clear ways to help students become stronger writers.

Workshop Attendee

Woohoo! A structured way to teaching writing that will be easy to include in my classroom. Love the practical ideas and simplicity to teach to my students in mini-lessons. Thank you so much Riley!

ESTCA Attendee

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